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The Mosie At-Home Insemination Kit has helped thousands of LGBTQ+ families get their start.

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Why Try Mosie?

Mosie is the first and only syringe designed 
specifically for home insemination and was clinically proven as effective as IUI!

Mosie Baby offers non-judgemental support and resources to help you along the way. By trying Mosie, you're also joining a loving community of TTC families. 

Unlike other syringes, Mosie mimics mother nature with a barrel-free tip that won't trap any sperm and a slit opening that creates a better flow for those little swimmers.

Designed by women with the help of a fertility specialist, Mosie's rounded edges and optimal length make it both comfortable and as familiar to use as a tampon!

The Mosie Kit

The best way to do insemination at home: non-invasive, comfortable, and easy-to-use

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Mosie Baby Bundle

Includes The Mosie Kit, Mosie Baby Ovulation Predictor Kit, Mosie Baby Pregnancy Tests

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Predictor Kit

Why test for ovulation? To have confidence that you're timing your insemination at the right time of the month.

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Baby-Making in the Comfort of Your Own Home

In 2020, Mosie Baby helped over 14,000 families on their path to parenthood. 

The Mosie Family

What makes Mosie special is the connections we share with the families we help get started, here are some of their stories!

"My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year. We were doing inseminations with a regular syringe. For ten months that wasn't successful. That's when we decided to switch to the Mosie syringe. In only 2 months of trying with Mosie, we finally got the positive we had been impatiently waiting for. Thank you for the amazing product and all of the tips and videos that were there to help us."

"My wife and I have always had the desire to become moms. We had been doing all sorts of baby-making research for an LGBT couple. Once we stumbled upon Mosie Baby we knew we had to give it a shot. My wife Ash started taking prenatals and tracking her ovulation. Once she got a positive ovulation test we let our sperm donor and were lucky enough to get pregnant on the first try!

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